InterCode is a vital partner in maintaining and enhancing 3M Fire Protection’s brand leadership position in the Fire Safety Industry. Their team’s consistently thorough analysis of building code trends and issues, coupled with their unique anticipatory, and strategic guidance in the code development process and outcomes provides a strong value benefit to 3M and to our livelihood as a business, and in the broader Fife and Life Safety industry. We would not consider thriving, let alone surviving, in the complex, and always evolving Building Codes and Fire Safety sphere without them.
— William D. Kesting
MBI has been working with Intercode Inc. for several years on our code development efforts. When we began, we knew very little about the process. Now, not only has Intercode helped us achieve our goals in the code, we are also much better informed and a stronger organization as a result of working with Vickie and her team.
— Tom Hardiman
ICI has been a critical part of achieving our building code goals and objectives.  I’m always impressed at their knowledge and ability to navigate the complex codes and standards network.
— Matt Stuppy
ICI is a company that quickly grasped our organization’s purpose and goals for codes and standards work. They were able to understand our market and products in a very short amount of time and direct the work to be done. They met our objectives within the timeframe we asked of them.
— Craig Humphrey
Vickie Lovell and her team at InterCode effectively and consistently help our Industry communicate issues to the decision makers. Their strength in contacts and relationships are the path to successful negotiations.
— Mark A. Belke
Thank you for representing us and our material in a professional manner. Getting the technology in front of code officials lays the ground work for what can be done in other localities where we intend to market our product. In addition to reducing testing costs, it gives us direction for intelligent design, i.e., engineering out potential code issues without making sacrifices to functionality. Your efforts are appreciated!
— Brad Dieringer
My deepest gratitude and respect goes out to Vickie and her InterCode team for their nearly 15 years of vision, strategy, influence, and support and for giving our cause voice and life in the model codes. Her ability to marshal support, connect and inform decision makers, and see and execute strategy continues to be real difference markers for us. Thank you for being there for us!
— Pat Cockrum
InterCode did a great job in bringing our issues home. Vickie and her team communicated with the audience so that we had no opposition from the floor. Vickie was very calm and reasoned in her presentation of our issues and obviously has great rapport with the code folks. All in all, we got more than our money’s worth from our consultant team.
— Mike Henning
It is rare when received value exceeds expectations. Great work, Vickie, and team!
— Mike Bolero
InterCode, and Vickie Lovell in particular, have been extremely effective in building alliances with interested parties regarding our issues. When influencing the building codes, it takes more than just an excellent technical argument. InterCode not only assisted in refining our message, but also enlisted / educated important constituencies to multiply and broaden the public testimony. Many code consulting groups are capable at the technical side, but InterCode understands, and has the credibility to form partnerships with other important groups that will enhance the potential for successful outcomes. Our organization highly recommends the strategic approaches they took on our behalf.
— Bill Ziegert

References Available Upon Request