Product Commercialization

Many marketing strategists fail to recognize the impact that building codes and the related sub-codes can have in the construction industry marketplace. No sales and marketing team, regardless of their skill, enthusiasm, or experience, can overcome code language that is unfavorable to an industry or a product. It is against this backdrop combined with a thorough understanding and extensive experience of the entire code process, coupled with a wide range of carefully cultivated relationships in multiple industries that InterCode has developed that allows our company to serve as a powerful and effective advocate.

InterCode offers product commercialization services that are essential while developing a product or a marketing campaign; this would include the following:

  • Research on defining optimum target markets

  • Current and future codes requirements

  • Compliance with standards and specifications

  • Testing requirements

  • Development of test plans

  • Statutory or regulatory influences

  • Research & Substantiation

All this can ultimately determine a marketing campaign’s success or failure.